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I am writing another book!

I've written two gamebooks so far : Star Bastards and The Sword of the Bastard Elf. They were both pre-transition though, and while I'm sure there are huge undercurrents of transness washing through them I wanted to make something explicitly trans: this one, about being trans and gay and very high in a nightclub. You play as the unnamed (or many-named) protagonist, and you're left alone in a heaving nightclub - aside from the questionably-legal chemicals coursing through your body and a bunch of intrusive thoughts that won't leave you alone. You decide how to get through the night, if you can : who to dance with, who to flirt with, which thoughts to internalize and which to reject. Two six-sided dice and your rock hard fists will decide how the night will turn out!

Anyway I'm working on that and it'll be done in October I hope! It also happens to be a love letter to Disco Elysium : the thoughts take the form of a Thots Cabinet with 17 ideas to internalize as the game progresses (there is no way you will find them all on a first or even second playthrough). This zine is focused on a few of the thoughts! 

The printed version has a full page print of the draft Thots Cabinet on the back - think the thoughts cabinet from Disco Elysium but poppier and less decrepit, though not a lot less weird. If you download it you can print just that off too! Or just look at it. While you're printing stuff : if you want to learn how to fold an 8 page zine, check out Nathalie Lawhead's guide. Remember to trim the cutlines first (you might be able to get away without doing this but it looks a lot better if you do).

I would like to thank Nathalie Lawhead and Jeremy Oduber (who made the html5 reader for electric zine maker zines which I'm using here). And thank you for your interest in my book! If you wanna know more you can comment or post in the discussion board here ! i will update on progress in there probably!

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TagsLGBTQIA, Mental Health, Queer, Short, Transgender


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Install instructions

It's a pdf file! If you print duplex you get a zine that can be unfolded to show a picture!