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Holy shit this was lovely. It's funny, I was trying to keep track of the days too, but after a while no matter how much I tried to remember, I couldn't. What a wonderful way to convey that feeling.

It's cool to see other queer people doing art about their lives. There's something so intimate about showing your day step by step. this was an awesome game and I can't wait to see what you do next !!

Thank you! I was originally gonna make the game go for two weeks but then realized that I already felt hopelessly lost at 4 or 5 days in. I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Luckily I've moved on from that situation but hopefully someone else who is stuck like that might see it and know they aren't alone.

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the soundtrack makes me feel like i'm watching a old science fiction movie , i hope your current life is better than it was at that time


<3 It's moved forward in a lot of ways. I'm still in the same house for now but my mental state is a lot better and I've got a lot more going on outside the home too.


good to hear it :)


hello! What is your policy on people making videos on your game? Ty!!

heya! I'd be happy for anyone to do that!