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Have you ever wanted to make a zine? Or wanted to know why you should make a zine? Or wanted to know what a zine was? Or who you are? This is the zine for you (no I will not stop saying "zine").

This little 8 page zine tells you all you need to know about making zines. The online bit above covers the basics of zine making (what a zine is, what goes in a zine, what kinds of materials you could use and how you could get your zine out into the world) and the downloadable and printable version has the same info except on the back (inside of the zine when folded) there's a guide to folding your 8-page zines and where to find more of them.

This was made for a zine workshop in London which I'm running as part of a pride thing but it's here for you too. Feel free to use it however you want. If you're inspired to make anything coz of this i'd love to hear from you :)

full disclosure i made this zine on printer test paper. good for the environment! looks grimy! whatever!

the electric zine maker mentioned in the zine is here : https://alienmelon.itch.io/electric-zine-maker

the web-readable zine was made using HTML5 Reader for Electric Zine Maker: https://jeremyoduber.itch.io/js-zine

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So cute! I love zines and this made me very happy :D Thanks for sharing!!