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YOU are the Mummy! Hassled by an annoying adventuring archaeologist, you set out for revenge! But beware - though your curses are powerful, you are also cursed with the curse of the Cursed Mummy!

But grab a friend because YOU are also the archaeologist and a bunch of supporting characters! This idiotic adventure is for two players so long as you are capable of sharing a computer chair and following rudimentary directions!

The Curse of the Cursed Mummy is a short visual novel/choose your own adventure from Two-Fisted Fantasy. Extremely stupid. Plays best with two players (hotseat) but you can play it alone if you're hard up for friends. A playthough will probably only take a few minutes but it might take a little while to get to all the endings. I'll probably get round to making a nicer version of this at some point.

Made in 24 hours to support a Let's Play of a (currently) non-existent game, "The Wizard of Warlock Tower". Games from the Two-Fisted Fantasy series that currently exist: Star Bastards (check it out if you're interested). More of this sort of thing will be coming out sooner or later.

Release date Aug 16, 2016
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
TagsCasual, Comedy, cyoa, Multiplayer, Multiple Endings, Short, stupid, two-fisted-fantasy
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast, One button
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2
LinksHomepage, Facebook page

Install instructions

Open the zip and run the suspiciously-named "CURSE.EXE".

Shouldn't need any special messing around.


Curse of the Cursed Mummy.zip 56 MB


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a very funny little romp. a reset/go back button or flow chart would be appreciated over having to restart the game at every ending. love the art, very funny and charming. excellent vn


Thank you so much! I literally did that entire game in like one all night sitting including learning how to use the software so it's really rough :) the next one is going to be polished and nice to use i promise!

i look forward to it! mummy was a blast to play


Hello! I utterly adored your game, it was hilarious to play and I loved the simple art style and subtle nods to our totally not copyright infringing archaeologist! I could play it for ages and still not get bored. I made a let's play of your game here~

Thanks for doing that! A bit of a rush to see a video review :) I haven't thought about Curse for a while.  There's another one coming in a couple of months. I'll probably spend a little more time on it (though not heaps more, sleep deprivation is really what made that game work).


You're more than welcome! I'm glad you liked it. I look forward to the next game (full of sleep deprivation or otherwise :D)